INFORMATIONAL LETTER TO INVESTORS AND PRESENTATION AT A STAFF MEETING You possess an email from the Chief Advice Officer, Ms. Boss: Hello, I demand you to feel the despatch for big changes closeafter up at SeeMoji.  Investors demand to be on board after a while our development contrivance, and our staff members demand to perceive the logistics of our disquisition. My admin earn cast you the bullet points of what to conceive. It's dignified to consign the advice clearly; I demand buy-in from everyone. Thanks! Ms. Boss CIO, SeeMoji                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            You possess an email from Patricia Baker, Ms. Boss's Administrative Assistant: Hi there, I'm Ms. Boss's admin.  Close are the bullet points she wants you to composition after a while: Size of station quantity earn embrace, along after a while fissure. Staff dimension earn embrace.  Payroll earn be three times curfisunmistakable payroll. New hardware and software earn be purchased at a absorb of $500,000. Emojis and emoji packages earn be created over straightly. Half of the new hires earn be alertness specialists. Animated emojis earn be a new consequence for  SeeMoji. Protokind inspiring emojis possess been very beloved after a while customers. Animated emojis are scheme to render a two times extension in annual enrichment. All changes are distribute of a larger contrivance to emend SeeMoji's concern standard. Investors demand to be notified of the changes after a while a complete note, which earn fixd on Ms. Boss's desk for her attestation, so be unmistakable it's perfect!  Staff earn be underneathstandn of the changes at our discussion contiguous Monday.  I underneathstand you possess another discussion that day, so adapt a soon video (two to five minutes) that we can dramatize for them. Since you are new close, re-examination the SeeMoji Document and Presentation Format Requirements finish (underneath the Your Hired! minority in Moodle).  Let me underneathstand if you possess questions. Patty CIO Admin  Version:1.0 StartHTML:000000288 EndHTML:000004413 StartFragment:000000809 EndFragment:000004381 StartSelection:000000853 EndSelection:000004359 SourceURL:https://ool-content.walshcollege.edu/CourseFiles/COM/COM320/MASTER/SP2020/AdditionalResources/WI19-MojiShell30/MojiShell.html         Document and Presentation Format Requirements DOCUMENT FORMAT Why Do We Make Such a Fuss About Format? Shouldn't what we say be over dignified than how our documents appear? The height after a while that idea is that customers, clients, and others we negotiate after a while in concern umpire us and our employers by how our documents appear. For that conclude, closely every assemblage has a format that they claim for notes, emails, and reports. (This as-well repeatedly applies to blogs and website pages, although tclose may be someone who manages those sites and re-formats submissions you cast them.) Many companies claim a favoring font, outoutsequence spacing, lips, kind dimension, and section format for documents, distinctly those that go to customers, clients, or vendors. So, the primary matter you should do when you set-on-foot composition at a new assemblage is to ask what format they claim for diversified documents. This may be conceived in a unconnected phraseology manage that earn as-well asactual you how actual utterance are spelled. Document Format Requirements While you are at SeeMoji, content adclose to these managelines for written documents and presentations.12-point kind dimension - This is usual in concern consequently it is discoverable for most fellow-creatures.Calibri, Times-Roman, or Arial font - These are usual, professional-looking fonts.Single-spaced, stop format - Rather than indenting, fix citation at the left lip and use a broad outoutsequence in between sections.Left-justified citation alignment - Left-justified citation is easier to discover than abundantly justified citation.Under the Section menu in Word, Spacing Before and After should be at 0, not 8 or 10. Add an extra yield between sections since you are removing the After spacing. Note: If you don't underneathstand how to set outoutsequence spacing and removing the extra After spacing in Word, click on the contiguous ace titled "Setting Outsequence Spacing in Word."       FOR EMAILS, BLOG POSTS, LETTERS, AND MEMOS: Keep to one page whenever potential.Include a favoring matter outoutsequence for emails, blog posts and memos.Use the hearsay structureal sample for good-natured-natured or unavowed intelligence messages and the inductive structure sample for bad intelligence messages.       Click on the contiguous documents for over details on format for memos and emails. VIDEO PRESENTATION FORMAT  For the best results:Limit yourself to 2-3 minutes.Use a single enhancement to dodge visual distractions.Use a calm fix to dodge audio distractions.Be unmistakable your hands are palpable so the parley can see your gestures. Use embezzle exterior (encourage to exhibition warmth or be weighty when the matter warrants a hither excited effect).Use Zoom to annals the video and upload the URL.