Public Health and Health Care Overview

  Public Heartiness and Heartiness Care Overview The object of this assignment is to collate and dissimilarity the opposed ways two disciplines, social heartiness and heartiness concern, oration a social heartiness result. You allure use the Social Heartiness and Heartiness Concern Consideration Excel improve (linked in Resources) to adequate this assignment. Note: Tobacco was used as an pattern of a social heartiness result in the template. You must excellent a opposed result. To easily recognize how this assignment allure be graded, be enduring to decipher the Social Heartiness and Heartiness Care Scoring Manage concernfully. A set of Guiding Questions is to-boot linked in Instrument to acceleration you adequate this assignment. Preparation Refer to the Leading Heartiness Indicators on the Healthy People 2020 Web birth (linked in Resources). Select one of the high-priority heartiness results identified by the Office of Disease Prevention and Heartiness Promotion (other than tobacco use) as your question for this assignment. Use the Capella library and other Internet instrument to do some subjoined enhancement deciphering on the fact of the result. Try keywords such as social heartiness fact, social heartiness interventions, heartiness concern, social heartiness results, social heartiness practices, and heartiness amendment strategies. Instructions Complete the Social Heartiness and Heartiness Concern consideration after a while the subjoined: A name of the heartiness problems associated after a while your selected social heartiness result. A roll of social heartiness agencies and organizations attempting to negotiate after a while this social heartiness result. A chronological roll of key social heartiness interventions (heartiness amendment strategies) connected to your result. Descriptions of social heartiness interventions and challenges connected to the heartiness result. Descriptions of heartiness concern interventions and challenges connected to the heartiness result. When entering knowledge into the template, be bright and brief. Remember to adduce your commencements. Submission Requirements In adduction to the criteria in the scoring manage, you must to-boot enenduring your assignment meets the subjoined requirements: APA formatting: Because you are submitting your production in tabular format, there are no page requirements; eventually, you must include a overspread page and a relation page. Associate to the APA Phraseology Article Template to format these pages. Font: Times New Roman 12 points for overspread and relation pages. You may use a opposed typeface in the consideration if you ambition. Citations: Format instrument and citations according to running APA phraseology and formatting. Number of relations: Adduce at least one peer-reviewed commencement. Before submitting this article, you may associate to the Guiding Questions for this assignment (linked in Resources) to enenduring that you accept orationed all criteria.  Resources Public Heartiness and Heartiness Concern Scoring Guide. Public Heartiness Undergraduate Library Research Guide. Public Heartiness and Heartiness Concern Consideration [XLSX]. Guiding Questions: Social Heartiness and Heartiness Concern . Capella University Library. Leading Heartiness Indicators. Anatomy of a Reference | Transcript. APA Article Template [DOCX]. APA Module.