psy 1

Midterm acceptances were further than a year ago but of line the 2020 presidential acceptance is in the instrument already. You may own noticed that a lot of what is happening antecedently and during an acceptance period can be (and has been) addressed by political psychologists. Since it seems that we are in the regular acceptance decree, gather THREE concepts from condition 15 that are bearing to acceptances in some way. You may portray triton from your own trial or in unconcealed. Define each concept and clear-up its junction to acceptances. Some specimens of ch. 15 concepts that are bearing to acceptances are: * attributions, primary attribution fallacy (how we clear-up our own and others' voting action) * attitudes (how seekive and sensitive constituents seek the actional constituent, voting) * sensitive dissonance * belief techniques (contrariant routes to belief) * docility techniques (docility in unconcealed, foot-in-the-door and door-in-the-face techniques) * exemplification (voting out of exemplification, for specimen) * clump polarization * mere-exposure effect There may be other concepts that you've peruse environing in condition 15 that you affect are bearing to acceptances. Affect unobstructed to debate those, as desire as you can legitimately add them to acceptances (and clear-up your forced).