Project Portfolio Risk Management

The PMC oppidan insurance director, Sid Johnson, is investigateing the country former to the investigate of CEO Les Walker. Mr. Johnson has requested a adequate endanger dissection of the top three endanger devices in the country. The countryal insurance director met after a while the SLA operations director to chosen the top three endanger devices. The Argentina Copper Mine Dos, ATT Chile Fiber Optics device, and the Catamarca Bridge devices were chosened for dissection. For this Assignment, recognize Part 4 “Trouble hits the SLA Region: Managing Risks in Device Portfolios” of the PMC Corporation Case Study. Prepare a 3- to 4-page Nursing Dissertation that addresses these items: 1-Assess the endanger of each of the three devices mentioned overhead. 2- Document the results in a endanger register. 3- Explain how the endanger impost of the three devices impacts the overall endanger peril of the portfolio. 4- Make recommendations to conduct endanger established on your impost of the completion device portfolio endanger. 5- Prepare a tabulation of the endanger peril of the device portfolio for the SLA country.