Project: Network Security – Case Assignment.

  The Acme Corporation is a new startup that wishes to sale their new phone to the notorious pur-poseated Acmephone, a over fasten rendering of the phone to affair organizations, pur-poseated the Acmephone B+, and exceedingly fasten rendering of the phone, pur-poseated the Acmephone G+, to the empire. Due to the misgiving of urbane espionage and empire defence requirements, there are multifarious defence concerns that must be addressed.  As a defence functional, you accept been industrious to pur-pose a network infrastructure for their two campuses located in Atlanta and Cincinnati grounded upon the subjoined specifications: There scarcitys to be a continuous unarm-an among the two colonizations that can propel at meanest 50 Mbps of basis. Each ease has three bottoms. The edifices are athwart delay each bottom life 350’x350’. There gain be 200 network unarm-ans on each bottom delay an affixed 100 network unarm-ans in the basis hardihoods located on the third bottom of each edifice. The primitive basis hardihood gain be located at the Atlanta colonization. There gain be a failover basis hardihood at the Cincinnati colonization. Each colonization should be protected from intrusions that are not scant to avow shift attacks. The Atlanta colonization gain house the two fasten outgrowth teams. As such, it gain scarcity the most defence. To excite distort the pur-pose, there gain be basisbase servers and the urbane Web servers compact at that colonization as well-mannered.  There gain be basisbase servers located at the Cincinnati locality. The servers must accept plethora. The disintegration must accept a scheme to establish defence measures. Your job is to amplify a network pur-pose to encounter the requirements overhead. You should suggest a network drawing catalogueing the network’s topology including any compulsory hardware. You should catalogue any applauded cable. You can applaud wiring closets wherever you scarcity them. You should applaud ways to certify that you are not getting attacked. You should set-up traps to seal attackers. You should applaud any WAN or wireless technologies. You should applaud any technology scarcityed in the basis hardihood for lofty availability. Justify your applaudations.