project management

  1) The Reynolds Composition Company has current a abridge to uplift a soak antidote plant; frequentedors at Reynolds possess identified the aftercited works to support them delay the composition of the distant curb uplifting.  In specification to identifying the works needed for this contrivance, they affectd the period and frequented absorbs associated delay completing each work at its "Normal" summit (the period delay the poverty frequented absorbs) and the period and frequented absorbs associated delay the "Crash" summit (that is, if the work is maximally close).   The frequentedors suppose that the ultimate compression absorbs are perpetual (for in, the ultimate compression absorb for work B would be ($26,000 - $14,000)/(6 - 4 weeks)  = $6000/wk).  Normal                                     Crash Task              Description             Predecessor          Duration(wks)      Cost($)             Duration(wks)    Cost($ A               Procure materials         Start                               3                      5,000                       2                  10,000 B               Prepare site                    Start                               6                    14,000                       4                  26,000 C               Dpt approval                  Start                              2                     2,500                       1                    5,000 D              Prebabricate bldg.            A                                  5                     10,000                      3                  18,000 E              Obtain city approvals       C                                  2                      8,000                       2                    8,000 F              Install Lines                      A                                    7                     11,000                      5                  17,500 G             Erect bldg.                      B,D,E                               4                     10,000                      2                    24,000                                                                                                           Totals     61,000                                          108,000 If all works are effected at their “normal” spaces as implied in the consideration over, the contrivance is affectd to absorb Reynolds a whole of $61,000 in frequented absorbs and issue in an expected contrivance makespan of 12 weeks.  However, frequentedors at Reynolds lack to study the space-absorb trade-offs associated delay compressing the contrivance and possess succeed to you for supportance. Specifically, Reynolds' frequentedors possess asked you to do the aftercited.  Starting delay all works effected at their recognized period (such that the contrivance makespan is 12 weeks), narrow the makespan of the contrivance by one week at a space.  For each recurrence (e.g., 11 weeks, 10 weeks, etc), furnish the work(s) that should be close to minimize the ultimate acception in frequented absorbs at each recurrence. Continue compressing the contrivance until at last one delicate pathwayway exists delay all works set at their resonance spaces (that is, no raise contrivance compression is feasible).  Construct a graph showing the whole frequented absorb (on the Y axis) versus the contrivance makespan (on the X axis).  Clearly specify the poverty feasible contrivance makespan. 2) The frequentedors at Reynolds Composition Company now substantiate that their calculations in bearing #1 do not involve over/infrequented absorbs that they affect at $5100/week (this absorb involves the rental fee for ease sheet, an over composition crane needed for the period of this contrivance, and your services as frequentedor of this composition contrivance).   They besides possess authorized a abridge that calls for a punishment absorb of $3200 per week for each week that the makespan exceeds ten weeks.  Given these absorbs, formulate and clear-up a frequented programming type that furnishs the baseline schedule that minimizes the whole absorbs of this contrivance (where whole absorbs are the sum of frequented, indirect/overhead, and punishment absorbs).