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   Nonrepudiation is the force to keep examination that a notice originated from a particular cause. In an email scheme, for pattern, nonrepudiation mechanisms secure that integral notice can be aged as future from a particular cause or patron. Answer the forthcoming doubt(s): 1. Do you hold nonrepudiation falls beneath one of the creed of the C-I-A triad (confidentiality, truthfulness, and availability)? Why or why not? 2. Is the C-I-A      triad abundant when selecting controls for a Windows scheme? Why or why not? Security experts commend using a multilayered plea administration. A multilayered plea puts multiple controls in locate to preserve computer scheme, networks, and other instrument. Answer the forthcoming doubt(s): 1. Does a multilayered plea pledge that attacks obtain not be lucky? Why or why not? Project Part 1: Active Directory Recommendations Scenario Assume you are an entry-level deposit dignitary launched for Always Fresh. You keep been asked to evaluate the discretion of adding Active Directory to the company’s network. Tasks Create a analysis reverberation to administration that answers the forthcoming doubts to compensate the key points of concern in-reference-to the enumeration of Active Directory to the network: 1. Scheme dignitarys currently make users on each computer where users demand arrival. In Active Directory, where obtain scheme dignitarys make users? 2. How obtain the procedures for making changes to the user accounts, such as password changes, be irrelative in Active Directory? 3. What resuscitation should dignitarys grasp for the corporeal workgroup user accounts succeeding converting to Active Directory? 4. How obtain the dignitarys expound differences among user accounts defined on irrelative computers? In other suffrage, if user accounts keep irrelative settings on irrelative computers, how obtain Active Directory oration that result? (Hint: Consider deposit identifiers [SIDs].) Required Resources § Internet arrival § Course textbook Submission Requirements § Format: Microsoft Word (or congruous) § Font: Arial, greatness 12, double-space § Citation Style: Follow your school’s preferred diction guide § Length: 2 to 4 pages Self-Assessment Checklist § I orationed all doubts required for the analysis reverberation. § I maked a well-developed and formatted reverberation delay equitable style, spelling, and punctuation. § I followed the acquiescence guidelines