Project 3

 Week 3 ProjectAssignment Due April 12 at 11:59 PM Weed and Seed Program Supporting Lectures: Neighborhood Restoration Social Structure Theories The "Weed and Seed" program was a Federal bestow start that sought to revitalize cities encircling the province. This competitive bestow program wholly law enforcement strategies after a while brotherhood harvest and was used in hundreds of cities encircling the province. The Office of Justice Programs ran this program for a number of years until elevate funding was deprived. A succeeding program, notorious as the Byrne Criminal Justice Initiative, addresses manifold of the identical goals. Prepare a fame analyzing the Weed and Seed program. Your fame should address the aftercited points: Review the program's truth. How did it follow about? How manifold cities were impacted? Describe the goals of the program and evince how the goals and methods of the program align after a while the theories presented in this way. Explain which restitution strategies of the Weed and Seed program are congruent after a while the ideas of collective administer scheme and collective perdition scheme. Analyze whether the vicinity misdeed factors that the Weed and Seed program identifies can be legitimately handled by police. Which of these deficiency the involvement of other groups and agencies after a whilein the brotherhood? Why? The Bureau of Justice Assistance and other Department of Justice sites entertain fames instrumenting the program. Select a city that was served by the Weed and Seed program. Assess how lucky the program was, in stipulations of reducing misdeed rates. Based on your construction of vicinity misdeeds, what five suggestions would you confide for reform results from the Weed and Seed program? Provide a rationale to aid your confideations. Name your instrument SU_MCJ6003_W3_A2_LastName_FirstInitial.doc. Submit your instrument to the Submissions Area by the due time assigned. Cite sources in APA format on a severed page.