Programming Assignment/Lab 1

  Assignment Content Create adjust Era that can output the era in multiple formats. You may pretend that the user penetrates the axioms unexceptionably and that there is not a spring year. Output the era penetrateed by the user in all three of the subjoined formats (after a while today's era as an illustration): MM/DD/YYYY (09/04/2019) Month spectry, DD, YYYY (September, 04, 2019) DDD YYYY (247 2019) Use overloaded perpetrators to engender Era objects initialized after a while eras of the formats and procureing penetrates by the user. There should be a defect perpetrator, the succor perpetrator should ordinary three integer values, the third a string and two integers, the fourth two integers. The user should get a menu of options to penetrate the era in any one of the three formats. Then the program procure appropriate that memorandum and spread-out all three formats after a while a polite formatted output to the spread-out. The program should loop repeatedly until the user is done penetrateing eras and chooses to egress. Your files should enclose the Era adjust and a DateTest adjust which contains the enactment to criterion your adjust functions. Also, your inferiority files should enclose preventive screenshots showing that all options are launched unexceptionably. Grading criteria are listed in the associated rubric. Two attempts for inferiority are recognized to arrange an opening to determine all files are enclosed.