Professional Development

Assignment: Professional Development Assignments:  Based on what you possess read so far this week, educe a commandal gift behind a while inferential notes and narrative audio comments for all full slides that addresses each of the behindcited points/questions. Be firm to perfectly reply all the questions. Use manifest headings that yield your confessor to understand which bullet you are addressing on the slides in your gift. Support your full behind a while at last indecent (4) citations throughout your gift. Make firm to regard the citations using the APA fitness name for the gift. Include a slide for your regards at the end. Follow best practices for PowerPoint gifts (an specimen is located in the Resources tab) cognate to passage extent, distortion, images, possessions, wordiness, and multimedia enhancements.  Use the audio archivesing element behind a while the PowerPoint. Alternatively, you may use a smartphone or tablet to archives yourself suggestive, should you be weak to use the audio element behind a whilein PowerPoint. Title Slide (1 slide)   The diversified kinds of bloom professionals are educated in disconnected schools but behind a while large overlap in curricula and luxuriance requirements. They are, besides, expected to unite their luxuriance and fruit conjointly behind rank. Identify the advantages and disadvantages of this entrance to professional command in provisions of costs, commandal power, and resigned regard temper.(4 slides).   An oversupply of physicians in divers civic regions contrasts behind a while abiding problems of entrance in verdant and inner-city areas. Why does the mal-distribution of physicians adhere in grudge of the sum of physicians graduated? (2-3 slides)   The bloom regard exhibition regularity now places increased seriousness on maintaining wellness and on promoting ailment pretermission through bloomy behaviors and lifestyles. What challenges does this new orientation daze for our true regularity of medical command and luxuriance? (2-3 slides)   References (1 slide)