Process Recordings

   A manner recording is a written machine used by opportunity advice experiment students, opportunity instructors, and alms to inquire the dynamics of collective performance interactions in age. Manner recordings can acceleration in developing and refining interviewing and mediation skills. By conceptualizing and organizing ongoing activities after a while collective performance clients, you are able to vindicate the end of interviews and mediations, establish singular and negotiative strengths and weaknesses, and amend self-awareness. The manner recording is too a profitable machine in exploring the intersingular dynamics and values bountiful betwixt you and the client order through an partition of filtering the manner used in recording a compact. For this Assignment, you conciliate present a manner recording of your opportunity advice experiments inequitable to this week. Note: You are presentting a written duplicate, not an audio or video recording. The Assignment (2–4 pages): 1. Provide a duplicate of what happened during your opportunity advice experiment, including a tete-a-tete of interaction after a while a client. 2. Illustrate your exposition of what occurred in the tete-a-tete, including collective performance manner theories, and illustrate how it ability recount to variation or cultural power balmy this week. 3.Describe your reactions and/or any issues recountd to your interaction after a while a client during your opportunity advice experiment. 4.Explain how you applied collective performance manner skills when performing the activities during your manner recording.