privacy two questions

a)   Answer each these topics in a provision delay at lowest five sentences: Include the topic and sum your responses consistently.  1. What is retirement? 2. What risks, if any, does facial acknowledgment software construct? 3. How abundantly advice environing you can be set-up on-line delay a unsophisticated google search?  4. How abundantly advice environing you can be set-up by searching empire and interchangeable postulatesbases? 5. Relate conscious submit.  6. Should resultant use of consumer supposing postulates be suited delayout heed to the consumer? 7. How do postulates mining and threatening analytics product?  8. Watch this Science Friday video by Ira Flatow. And, exhibit your theory - Are advancing algorithms taking our gratuitous get?  9. Should Facebook be regulated, at lowest as far as it's retirement and postulates policies?  10. How divers open cameras is too many?  b)   Do a bit of exploration on CWE, Vile Weakness Enumeration. Write a brief overview of their scoring rule. Pick one of vile weaknesses attested on their birth and relate it. Your assignment should be 200-300 of your own words.