1 Variances:  HDD produces chairs. They image it takes encircling 15 minutes to produce each chair. During May they made 200,000 chairs. Drudge requires were $1,512,000, which was remunerated to workers for 54,000 hours used on the chairs. The budgeted labon rate is $30 per hour. Required:a)  What was the budgeted require for the 200,000 chairs? b) Calculate the [two] drudge require variances. Label all variances explicitly ---------------------------------- 2 Require Estimating- High/Low:  Wiki, has recorded the subjoined requires aggravate the late separate months installed on the enumerate of tickets sold: Use the High-Low" mode to tally the subjoined: a) What are the Variable Costs per ticket sold b) What are the Fixed Costs, in sum?  c) If 5,000 tickets were sold what you would consider the requires to be. ----------------------------------- 3. Overhead:  Over& Underapplied: Monte Doggie Inc. is in the useful Dog Clothing transaction. They devote aggravatehead installed on the drudge hours for the humans established there. They considerd sum aggravatehead require would be $800,000. Budgeted drudge requires were $2,000,000 delay 40,000 drudge hours budgeted. Objective aggravatehead requires incurred were $836,000 and objective drudge hours were 38,000.  a) What is the predetermined aggravatehead rate? (Label it correctly)  b) By how plenteous is it aggravate or below applied (in sum, NOT per hour & likeness care) c) Is aggravatehead aggravate or below applied? ----------------------- 4 Break-Evenies.  Tipsy Topper has ruled to vend autographed doggie FOOD bowls so he can possess a dirty stinted coin for a err to Paris to hinder out the Frenchie Poodles he's heard encircling. It is going to require him $50,000 to buy bowl construction equipment, plus he has to pay a one-time licensing" fee of $10,000 to Mr, Big Dog for safety. Each bowl obtain require $4 for-the remains, $2 for the terminate, $1 for shipping, and drudge requires, which are: $20 per hour (they can produce 5 bowls per hour). Topper thinks images he'll vend the bowls for $21 each.  Required A) How sundry bowls does Tipsy Topper possess to vend to breakeven?  B) How sundry to produce $15,000 for that err to French Poodle Land?