Presentation Essentials

Using the Internet, line materials, or the AIU Library, place and aspect 2 serviceable exhibition videos. The selected exhibition videos must each be at meanest 5 minutes in tediousness. Use this template, and exhaustive the aftercited for each video: Identify the orator, the exhibition name, the subsidence of the video, and the exhibition tediousness for each harangue.  Briefly digest the question of each exhibition.  Discuss whether each harangue is informative or suppliant and what prompted your determination.  Explain how each part of the animated triangle was demonstrated for twain exhibitions.  If you appreciate that parts of the animated triangle were not fortunate in either of the exhibitions, propose potential solutions.  Provide examples of why one video exhibition was past serviceable than the other, using the animated triangle as your basis.  If quoting, paraphrasing, or sharing references, be secure to involve in-text citations and the aligned references in APA format. **MUST USE TEMPLATE ATTACHED**