Click video join and revisal content: video discusses characteristics of collective entrepreneurs and examples of happy collective ventures. b)  Following the fancys of collective ventures presented in the video, intent your own collective enterprise. Important note: A happy collective enterprise/venture must own a positive collective chattels on the communion and must be commercially viable or gainful. c)  Presentation Guidelines - Power Point Donation - Present your dissection and collective enterprise fancy in an innovative way. Each ward is expected to influence his/her donation delay 5-6 slides. The slides should contain: a) Describe the substance that you neglect to work-out (health, want, environmental etc.) b) Explain your prize declaration and why your fancy is valuable; c) Describe your customer segments and why your customer gain be zealous in your prize declaration or offering; d) Identify and assess: the key resources required to enact your fancy, key activities, partnerships & channels of distribution; e) Describe your fruits type and absorb composition; and f) Analyze the collision of your competitive environment and bearing macro-environmental factors on your absorb composition and fruits type; g) What makes you likely to set-on-foot this occupation? Your donation should understand description pictures to decide the anecdote of how you exposed your fancy- Donation should be about 6-8minutes in elongation.