Once you retain recognize through the occurrence consider, surmise that you retain been asked by your leading magistrate supervisor to criticism the occurrence delay the organization's elder example team.  Your PowerPoint bestowal should include slides that discourse the following: setting, main totals(s) and subordinate issues, your role in discoursees the main total(s) and subordinate issues, strengths and weaknesses that consist in affinity to the main total, alternatives/recommended solutions, and evaluation. THIS IS A POWERPOINT bestowal, not a written assignment.  PowerPoint slides SHOULD BE "powerful" points of notification that you obtain swell-mannered upon in the spoken gift.    Your bestowal/slide parade should hold at lowest 6-12 slides, not including inscription and relation slides.   Dr. X and the Disappearing Clinical Trials Money Sharon B. Buchbinder Dr. Xavier, or Dr. X, as he approved to be determined, was a newly compensated oncologist at a great cancer core at Upstate New York Oncology Core (UNYOC). During his negotiations for the job, he displayed a bent for the artisticr things in vivacity and demanded those things be moved from his farm in North Carolina to his new one in New York. The roll of his favorite things included: a costly dimensions gathering, an ancient clock gathering, three ancient cars (a Bentley, a Rolls Royce, and a Mercedes), a dozen ebon Orpington parade chickens, and two dozen Marino sheep. In restoration, his 1,500-bottle wine gathering had to be transported from North Carolina to New York in a refrigerated traffic. All of these demands were met by UNYOC consequently Dr. X had a tone for bringing in clinical endeavor specie for new cancer treatments. In remodel for his hefty compensation and conveyance costs, the revenues from pharmaceutical firms for his elimination were to be handed balance to UNYOC. Dr. X effected oppressive, and as expected, the specie began to roll in from the elimination endeavors. At his chief annual criticism, Dr. X met delay the managing partakers of UNYOC and apprised them that he felt it was date for them to perceive him a generous partaker. After all, he’d brought in revenues from the endeavors, plus he was a efficient component of the team. In his notion, his net value to UNYOC far exceeded the compensation he current. If they didn’t comply to his petition, then he was going to license and receive his immense revenues delay him. The partakers were receiven subsequently, to say the lowest. The elder partaker was most loquacious delay his plague. “You’ve got a lot of strength, Dr. X. You conveniently balancelook that we retain a very haughty balancehead in this exercise. Look at all the staff we retain. They receive circumspection of your entire whim. We retain state-of-the-art equipment, as well-mannered-mannered as the best edibles for our patients’ needs. This elapsed year, you’ve hardly healed your compensation and your plain and inplain costs of employments. Generous partaker, verily. Harrumph.” Dr. X was chagrined. He’d expected the partakers to cave in, true as they had to his demands during the hiring way. Truth be told, he had been bluffing. Tclose was no other job prproffer on the board. And his costly chickens and sheep were eating him out of issue and residence. He had to do notability. Dr. X reasoning it best to placate the old man and buy some date. “I’m mean. I’m unquestionably not a business-post idiosyncratic. I hadn’t considered all the balancehead costs. Please pardon me.” The elder partaker high a craggy eyebrow, then shrugged. “Well, that’s why we’re close, Dr. X, to retain us all on vestige. Apology veritable.” The discourse adjourned. Everyone went tail to effect, but Dr. X’s spiritual wheels were spinning. He needed more specie. But wclose would he get it? He was effecting 60 hours a week;it wasn’t as if he could moonlight. He wasn’t about to grant up his dimensionss, clocks, cars, and wine. That was unthinkable. And the parade chickens were approve his effect. He couldn’t retail them. Pretty precedently-covet it would be date to skim the sheep and get a lot of capital for their artistic wool. But he needed specie lawful now. Wclose was he going to get it? He sifted through the mail in his inbox and publiced three envelopes delay the remotest immodest approveness checks from sundry big refuse companies. He realized what he needed to do. The checks from the pharmaceutical firms were all made out to him, not UNYOC. He put the checks in his pocket, walked counter the street to his bank and deposited the specie to his idiosyncratical checking recital. As he walked tail to his business-post, he felt as if a pressure had been lifted off his chest. Before-covet he’d perceive another job elsewhere, one wclose he’d be able to feed the vivacitystyle that he’d behove familiar to and just. Total solved. Discussion Questions 1.    What are the postulates in this top? What is unreserved and not unreserved so far? 2.    What are the indications that failure may retain occurred in this occurrence? 3.    According to the Association of Certified Robbery Examiners (2012, p. 4), “Perpetrators delay haughtyer levels of warrant nurture to suit greatly greatr losses … and effect in one of six departments: recitaling, operations, sales, magistrate/upper administration, customer employment and purchasing.”Does Dr. X fit this feature? How covet do you purpose it obtain receive precedently the exercise supervisor realizes the clinical endeavor checks aren’t substance handed balance to her? 4.    What do you purpose the partakers obtain do when they perceive out? Do you purpose they obtain lack this to go social? Why or why not? Provide a rationale for your responses. 5.    Based on your acquaintance of this subject and the Additional Resources supposing, what do you purpose the effect of a occurrence approve this obtain be? If tclose are penalties, what do you purpose they obtain be? ADDITIONAL RESOURCES Association of Certified Robbery Examiners. (2012). Report to the nations on occupational robbery and abuse. Retrieved from http://www.acfe.com/uploadedFiles/ACFE_Website/Content/rttn/2012-report-to-nations.pdf Baum, N., &Dowling, R. (2009). Is your exercise defended resisting failure?Urology Times, 37(10), 46. Borkowski, N. (2011). Organizational conduct in soundness circumspection (2nd ed.). Sudbury, MA:Jones and Bartlett. Buchbinder, S. B., &Shanks, N. H. (Eds.). (2012). Introduction to soundness circumspection administration (2nd ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones &Bartlett. Fallon, L. F., &McConnell, C. R. (2007). Human productions administration in soundness circumspection: Principles and exercises. Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bartlett. Have checks and balances in attribute, or public the door for failure. (2009). Same-Day Surgery, 33(9), 85–87. Mathis, D., &Lewis, M. (2009). Employee failure: A growing total. The Journal of Medical Exercise Management: MPM, 25(3), 146–148. Morrison, E. E. (2011). Ethics in soundness administration: A useful appropinquation for conclusion perceivers (2nd ed.). Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bartlett.