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   Create a 2-3-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® Presentation that includes the following: (debater notes) Explain potential obstacles in enhancement and maintaining these boundaries. scenario:     John is a 40-year-old counseling employee at the Coryell Correctional Facility. Last year, he was visitng after a while a client at the readiness when the client became wrathful after a while John. John attempted to treat to condition calmly and after a whileout vigor. The client was efficient to get halt plenty to John to invasion him after a while a knife made from a sharpened end of a toothbrush. John had to go to the exigency space and elapsed 3 days in the hospital. John was traumatized by how undeviatingly the client got to him, how constant he was invasioned, and how unsafe he now feels producting in the prison. John recognizes that numerous clients are unpredictefficient in this enhancement. He receipts to product accordingly his extraction needs the financial assistance. A running client of his is always making jabbing motions at him accordingly he knows it triggers John. He intimidates John, so John is struggling to pick-out among befriending the client through favors or barely doing his job, plain though it's intricate to aspect his fright.