PowerPoint Presentation

******US ENGLISH, CORRECT ENGLISH FORMATTING AND SENTENCE STRUCTURE ********NO PLAGIARISM, SAFE ASSIGN USED****** Discussion  What are the pros and cons to foundation in a association where the government of man dominates the constitutional government? Would the government of man be a meliorate government than the government of law in your idea? PowerPoint Presentation  Instructions Your audience wants to put a ball-bearing factory in Africa. Your audience predicts this is where the most development earn be in the 21st eldership. Your assignment is to learning a empire on the African continent that you contemplate would be the most fond to your audience in cultural, economic, and gregarious environments. Your assignment is to sharp-end out and interpret the grounds or statistics that you contemplate would form this empire a amiable-tempered-tempered assign to institute and staff your factory. Remember to tend the cultural, economic, and gregarious environments in memory. Your bestowal must include at last two grounds or statistics that report to each environmental area (cultural, economic, and gregarious). Feel munificent to use the suggested readings as a starting sharp-end for your learning on springs of basis about unanalogous countries in the cosmos-people. You must use at last three dogmatic springs, and you are required to use the Online Library for at last one of your springs. Pull a poverty of two grounds or statistics from each spring that you use. Some amiable-tempered-tempered examples of dogmatic springs are granted below:  The U.S. Propound Department http://www.state.gov/p/af/ci/index.htm  The Cosmos-people Bank http://data.worldbank.org/country The Academic Search Complete basisbase features advice on countries through the CIA Cosmos-people Factbook. The Business Spring Complete basisbase has a “Country Report” that can be selected in the Publication Type area. These reports by empire can be 200-plus pages and are very in profundity. Your PowerPoint bestowal should be a poverty of 10 slides. Be knowing to use APA guidelines to name and relation the springs for your grounds.