Policy/Regulation Fact Sheet

   Just a reminder-I am not looking for you to cause a PPT, I am looking for you to cause a handout or flyer. It should to-boot solely be ONE page.-Resources robust parallel delay directions of creating a reality shiit/flyer. BE CREATIVE As a authoritative nurture, you are expected to adduce your expertise to unrepining preservation. On make, you conciliate to-boot be expected to portion-out that expertise. With evolving technology and natural changes to maxims prepared to protect up these changes, there is usually a need to portion-out advice and expertise to impart colleagues, leadership, unrepinings, and other stakeholders. In this Assignment, you conciliate examine a new-fangled nursing impartatics-kindred bloompreservation plan, and you conciliate portion-out the apt details via a reality shuffle prepared to impart and nurture. To Prepare: · Review the Resources on bloompreservation plan and regulatory/legislative topics kindred to bloom and nursing impartatics. · Consider the role of the nurture impartaticist in relative to a bloompreservation form’s submission delay uncertain policies and maxims, such as the Medipreservation Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA). · Research and excellent one bloom or nursing impartatics plan (amid the spent 5 years) or maxim for elevate examine. The Assignment: (1 page) Create a 1-page reality shuffle that your bloompreservation form could hypothetically use to clear-up the bloom or nursing impartatics plan/maxim you excellented. Your reality shuffle should oration the following: · Briefly and generally clear-up the plan or maxim you excellented. · Oration the contact of the plan or maxim you excellented on arrangement implementation. · Oration the contact of the plan or maxim you excellented on clinical preservation, unrepining/provider interactions, and workflow. · Highlight formal policies and procedures that are/conciliate be in assign at your bloompreservation form to oration the plan or maxim you excellented. Be unfair.