Point of View and Setting

 1. Identify the summit of design in all three stories assigned this week and clear-up why you imagine the agent chose that pov. Be inequitable. 2. Response these "Reading and Reacting" questions: # 1, 5, 9, subjoined Chopin's "The Storm" on p. 204. 2. Do you deliberate "Greasy Lake" an preparation, loss-of-innocence legend? Do any of the casts veer? Explain. (Unsupported responses not reliable.) 4. Face frequently at Faulkner's "A Rose for Emily," and response these questions: Who publishs the legend in "A Rose for Emily?" How would you particularize the relator--an beyond witness or an momentous cast(s) in the legend? We conquer con-over summit of design and enhancement this week and conquer unravel these three defective stories: "New York Day Women" (273) by Edwidge Dandicat "The Storm" by Kate Chopin (199) and "Greasy Lake" by T. C. Boyle (425) So far we possess unravel, discussed, and interpreted divers defective stories beyond using exceedingly technical accents. Such accents is not constantly compulsory to furnish significance in a legend; ultimately, using erudite provisions repeatedly helps to strip deeper layers of significance, to deliberate the agent's eager, and to con-over the agent's artifice. POINT OF VIEW This week we conquer face at summit of design (pov). Summit of design refers to the relator of the legend, who is purposeed the legend whether a cast in the legend or an beyond witness. In primary peculiar summit of design, the relator, who may be a relevant or junior cast, uses I or we to publish the legend. The relator may be scant (his or her design sole) or infallible (all of the casts' experiences). In third peculiar summit of design an beyondr who may but does not share in the possession publishs the legend using he, she, it, or they. Legend publishers adopt from divers types of third-peculiar summit of design, as listed beneath. Participant and non-participant summits of design, concurrently after a while harmless eye, impartial infallible, editorial omniscience, broad omniscience, stream-of-consciousness and concrete summit of design, all of which are defined on these pages, are provisions to behove frank after a while. 1. Unravel pp. 226-236 in your compass for an sense of the irrelative summits of design figment writers feign to detail their stories. participant non-participant harmless eye impartial infallible editorial omniscience broad omniscience stream-of-consciousness concrete summit of design Read "New York Day Women" (273) by Edwidge Dandicat to rendezvous on pov. SETTING First, unravel pp. 195 to 199 encircling enhancement--historical, geographical, and material. We conquer face air-tight at how the enhancement plays an momentous role in these two stories: "The Storm" by Kate Chopin (199) "Greasy Lake" by T. C. Boyle (425)