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  Professional Capstone and Practicum Inobservant Chronicle and Erudite Activities Throughout the direction, students succeed stipulate in weekly cogitation and erudite activities. These assignments are presented in Topic 1 to suffer students to cunning onwards, and fuse the deliverables into the Individual Success Cunning if they so prefer. The weekly inobservant chronicles and erudite activities succeed not be presentted in LoudCloud each week; a terminal, culminating inferiority succeed be due in Topic 10. No inferiority is required until Topic 10. Professional Capstone and Practicum Inobservant Journal Students are required to obey weekly inobservant narratives throughout the direction to with into a terminal, direction-long inobservant chronicle that integrates example and exploration into general performance as it applies to the Functional Capstone and Practicum direction. This direction-long chronicle assignment succeed be due in Topic 10. In each week's initiation, you should animadvert on the particular comprehension and skills gained throughout the Functional Capstone and Practicum direction. Your initiation should harangue a capricious co-operation of the aftercited, trusting on the inequitable performance immersion clinical experiences you encountered that week: New performance approaches Intrafunctional collaboration Health economy offer and clinical systems Ethical considerations in vigor economy Population vigor concerns The role of technology in beseeming vigor economy outcomes Health policy Leadership and economic models Health disparities In the Topic 10 inferiority, each of the areas should be harangueed in one or more of the weekly entries. This cogitation chronicle also suffers students to contour what they accept discovered environing their functional performance, particular strengths and weaknesses that surfaced, joined instrument and abilities that could be introduced to a abandoned residence to swing optimal outcomes, and terminally, how they met competencies and direction objectives. Scholarly Activities Throughout the RN-to-BSN program, students are required to share in erudite activities without of clinical performance or functional performance. Examples of erudite activities embrace synchronous conferences, seminars, chronicle club, pompous rounds, morbidity and dullness meetings, interdisciplinary committees, power increase committees, and any other opportunities serviceable at your residence, among your sympathy, or nationally. You are required to post one erudite life period you are in the BSN program, which should be documented by the end of this direction. In observation to this inferiority, you are required to be confused and give to interdisciplinary initiatives on a certain foundation. In Topic 10, you succeed present a compendium tidings of your erudite life. You may use the "Scholarly Life Summary" means to succor manage this assignment. AttachmentsNRS-490-RS-ScholarlyActivitySummary.docx