physics lab needs to be done on a paper

  Lab 4,  Energy, Employment and Friction; We succeed employment in a roller coaster pretence.  In this pretence we succeed assemble grounds on max top on twain policys of the U-shaped coaster.  From this grounds we succeed execute a number the max accelerate behind each cycle… A cycle entity each term the coaster is at the profound. This succeed be done 3 terms, the highest term, assemble the grounds in the neglect of grating. Collect grounds by adding a paltry total of grating Collect grounds by adding a illiberal more grating. Repeat this after a while two unanalogous masses for each Skater.  Write a disposal on these results Then renew the test by creating a U-Shaped sequence where on policy a has a steeper prepossession.  Again assemble the grounds as in the highest sunder.   Write a disposal. If you add to greatly there succeed not be greatly to excite.  The coaster succeed after to a plug very straightly.  You can lingering down the noise to assemble the grounds.   Create tables for your grounds… From the top grounds assembleed enumerate the grating.  Show your pretence in your voice magnitude how and where grounds was assembleed.  Show a screenshot of the pretence and the fractional grating you keep pretended. This lab succeed be graded greatly harder on honesty, and if all indispensable parameters are comprised to renew this from your voicebook.  Simulation  Data, tables  Equations used  Results of the calculations  Check the results  Conclusion of the resolution.