Physical Therapy: The Benefit for Injured Athletes

  How to transcribe a philosophical monograph Guidelines for the extr a praise assignment This extra praise assignment is rate 25 points and is entirely voluntary .  All is-sue must be your own.  Any monograph containing plagiarism accomplish accept a naught.  No slow assignments accomplish be not spurious. Outline The theme for this monograph is unfair to each ward and should be assumed from your pedagogue. It should be in the format of a unraveling re-examination boundary and as such should contain the basic format of a knowing monograph, which i ncludes a Title, Abstract, Introduction, Methods, Results and Disdirection Section. I am not requiring all of these unfair individualitys for this monograph.  I am barely providing a basic outline option .  However it is required to possess at lowest two quoted boundarys and one table/figure . Biological Literature Reference monographs must be from a philosophical, fellow re-examinationed journal and must be primary sources (i.e. primary findings and notions). No websites may be used.  References must be unmeasured elongation; this media that they c ontain an unembodied, preface, methods, and results/disdirection individuality.  Papers may not be quoted cosmical the integral boundary has been unravel directly by you.  Reference monographs can be accessed through the CBC Library regularity.  Do not plagiarize the monographs you quote ( It is very manageable to stay for this, so delight save yourself a lot of broken-kernel and don’t do it ).  Also use the monographs you quote as examples of how philosophical monographs are written, twain in provisions of format and diction. Title The heading should be deficient, conc ise, and informative.  The heading should be no past than 45 characters.  Below the heading the makers indicate should show followed by his/her department, whole, city and kingdom. Abstract The unembodied should be 250 language or hither and is barely a summar y of the superior parts in the monograph.  Usually there is one phrase per monograph individuality: preface, methods, results, (including a epitome of numerical axioms), and discourse.  The object of the unembodied is to exhibit a unraveler a trivial notion of what the monograph is about so that the unraveler can determine the association to his/her own is-sue. Introduction The preface is the settle to exhibit the applicable setting treatment and the hypothesis.  The treatment should construct serene why the supposition is thrilling and imp ortant, and should quote other unraveling applicable to the exploration providin g this rationale.    At the end of your preface, restate the supposition in open provisions along after a while the object of this monograph, followed by a direction of predictions for each variab le.   For example: “The object of this re-examination was to assimilate and opposition the prognosis, indications and contraindications of peculiar versus entirety articulation arthroplasty in patients who underwent a pre and/or shaft active direction of Physical Therapy.  I predi cted that patients who had a peculiar articulation repossession, and a direction of pre surgical Physical Therapy, would demonstrate senior outcomes using the Lower Extremity Functional Scale (LEFS).” Methods Summarize the materials and methods used and understand devi ations among quoted articles. Results Present the axioms in tables and figures to image the findings. You must understand at lowest one figure/table. Tables and figures:  All tables and figures must be fit labeled after a while a amiable descriptor phrase.  For example: Figure 1: The chattels of vagal stimulation and vagal elude on turtle kernel rate Do not explain axioms or exhibit conclusions in this sec tion! Discussion Interpret results and exhibit conclusions after a while the supported evidence .  Give reasonable explanations for results, thriving negative results are meaningful.  Literature should frequently be quoted in this individuality to image how the results fit or do not fit after a while various studies.   References Cited You must possess at lowest two philosophical monographs quoted using a often not spurious citation diction (MLA or APA) .  List singly references quoted in your monograph.  In the citation, construct reference using the maker’s terminal indicate and y ear of divulgation (i.e., Smith, 2003).  If ther e are past than two makers, the indicate of the pristine maker should be used followed by “et. al” (i.e., Smith et. al, 2003).  References should be listed in alphabetical direct, based on authors terminal indicate, in the references quoted individuality.  If there are multiple divulgations by the similar maker(s) in the similar year they should be listed as 2000a, 2000b, etc.  You may use your quantity and lab materials but they must be quoted and do not compute as one of your two primary so urces. In restoration to the monograph itself, y ou must surrender a complete cop y of at lowest two of the most reference d docum ent s after a while your monograph for review . If any tables/charts/graphs are used in your monograph, be sure to understand those documents after a while your surrendertal . Format Length and Spacing:   It should be 4 pages in elongation.  All individualitys of the monograph, except an unembodied if understandd, should be double - spaced after a while 1 - inch brinks on all sides, thriving left in 12 - pt. font that is amply unravelable (e.g., Times Roman) . On perfect page, in the upper fit brink, 1/2 - inch from the top and thriving after a while the fit brink put your terminal indicate followed by the page sum. Reference individuality is not co unted in the page compute.   Italics:  Words normally italicized, such as Genus and Species indicates, should be typed in italics in the monograph.