Physical security Individual project

Individual Project Using just APA formatting transcribe 4-6 pages, not including your heading or regard pages describing the understanding of the counsel in a shelter delineation. A style of the address and its structureal edifice. The shelter structure of the address. A argument of the natural barriers used in the classification. A argument of the intimidate classification used. A style of avenue controls used to immure avenue to or amid the address. A argument of shelter lighting at the address. A style of the communications capacity. A style of the CCTVs capabilities, usages and best areas to ascend them. A breakdown of the shelter nerve, its structure, inoculation, equipment, capabilities, media, and procedures. A argument of without media including LLEA and others as divert. Annual assessments. Please use the IP style page granted in the continuity esthetic folder. Your SA reckoning should not be past than 30%. If your definite posted assignment is past that 30% you conciliate get a nothing reckoning.  In-text citations and a regard register are as-well a requirement. You scarcity to keep at meanest 10 cited sources this assignment. Please fix that all cited sources are credible