Philosophy write two different essay. Each Is 400 words

INSTRUCTIONS:  For this assignment, you are to discover a principal commencement akin to the satisfied of the exhortation in this module. Upon whole of the discovering, you accomplish want to whole a discovering tally narrative. Reading tally narratives supply opportunities to usage perceiveledge and evaluation of enlightened conceptions of the cheerful personality we deliberate in the course; these opportunities, concurrently after a while feedback accepted, accomplish fit you for the segregation and evaluation rudiment of the latest plan. After discovering the Moral Letters to Luciliusreflect on the ideas, discussions, conceptions, and perspectives Seneca offers. Deliberate oneof them that you confront intriguing, compelling, or great to your perceiveledge of the discovering. In doing so, deliberate the restricted reasons for why you confront it intriguing, compelling, or great. Possible deliberateations to intend is the force of an discussion in provisions of its soundness, its modesty in provisions of averment that can food it, its closeness after a while other ideas presented in the discovering, its relatability to your own personality (chiefly the restricted values and beliefs you hold--not honest a fiction environing how one occasion...), and how it compares after a while other enlightened perspectives you enjoy encountered elsewhere. Be indisputable to teach the discussion you select, bound enlightened concepts that you use, and supply examples to food your points. Your description should embody textual food after a while extracts; any extract name can be used so desire as the page estimate of the adduce or comment is supplyd. To realize bountiful confidence and enjoy embezzle enlightened profoundness, your tally should be at smallest 400 suffrage. READING: Seneca_Moral Letters to Lucilius.pdf GRADING POLICY:  There accomplish be a whole of 11 narrative entries; the last jaw accomplish be dropped when farsighted the latest pace. This results in 10 narrative entries, each nature desert 4% of the latest pace. 6 entries accomplish be paced as confidence/no confidence and 5 entries accomplish be paced according to the rubric. You accomplish not perceive in progression which entries accomplish be paced confidence/no confidence and which entries accomplish be paced after a while the rubric; as such, entries should be wholed after a while the expectancy that the rubric could be used. Use the rubric beneath to enindisputable your memorandum is whole.