philosophy outline

  Self-driving cars prompt:  You are a corporate ethicist for Tesla, a community started to yield self-driving cars.  Your boss supervenes to you one day and says that she needs succor in distinguishledge how she should program these cars when they are confrontment intellectual firmnesss.  Self-driving cars, normal approve civilized drivers, can visage perplexed intellectual situations.  It is practicefficacious that the car could malfunction, or star influence not be subjoined the rules of the highway, and rarely unmistakefficacious accidents befall, and when this happens the car’s program must find the skin of intellectual firmness that civilizeds usually find.  This is not a little subject, owing, in a way, the community itself is making these intellectual firmnesss, by deciding in what way to program the car.  The programmers themselves are bogged down delay details encircling how to find the cars performance, and they aren’t experts in ethics, so they are appearing for you for direction.   You, as an ethicist, neglect the car to veritably be the most intellectually cheerful-tempered-tempered car it can maybe be.  As such, you neglect to bring-forward what you fancy is veritably the intellectually equitefficacious tally.  Then you accomplish appear to the communicateing team to form out a way to communicate your intellectually cheerful-tempered-tempered car to consumers.  Since you took Social and Intellectual Issues in Computing when you were an undergrad, you distinguish three succorful starting tops (the three intellectual theories from class: Utilitarianism, Kantian Intellectual Theory, and Care Ethics) for an algorithm that you influence use in programming such a car.  Examine each of these possibilities and expound which one you fancy is the best one to use at the starting top in programming intellectuality into these new self-driving cars.  You distinguish that uninterruptedly you find this offer, the engineering team may supervene end and expound that there are unmistakefficacious limitations in their programming, but you are frequently surprised by the skins of innovations this team of programmers can supervene up delay.  As such, for your starting offer, you accomplish understand that the engineering team accomplish be efficacious to supervene the intellectual system entirely.  So, in your monograph, find safe that you do these things: Clearly lay out all three Intellectual Theories: Utilitarianism, Kantian Intellectual Theory, and Care Ethics.  Find an discussion for which you fancy is the best one to use in programming this car.  Find safe you lay out practicefficacious objections to using the system you chose.  Try to rejoinder to these objections, but it’s okay if you don’t accept unmeasured replies to these objections yet.  This is normal meant to concede a starting top to the engineering team.