PHIL 320

Assignment List Paper Scheme - Week 5 Paper Scheme - Week 5 DUE: Mar 11, 2018 3:55 AM Grade Details GradeN/A Gradebook CommentsNone Assignment Details Open DateJan 5, 2018 12:00 AMGraded?YesPoints Possible100.0Resubmissions Allowed?YesRemaining SubmissionsUnlimitedAttachments curbed for originality?Yes Assignment Instructions Submit a scheme scheme and feel it approved antecedently fitness your Nursing Dissertation. Theme schemes should be submitted by the end of Week 5, parallel after a while a deficient educational video (most students invent something on youtube).  The scheme should be 250 – 500 say and you should response to two of your classmates' schemes.  The schemes are graded and the schoolmistress achieve labor after a while the students to scheme the theme for the ultimate Nursing Dissertation/project. Please revisal the ultimate Nursing Dissertation/scheme patronymic to tell your scheme this week: Papers should be between 1250-1500 say, 12 summit font, double-spaced, and constructatted in the MLA Style.  For your Nursing Dissertation, you may use your previously written embodied in your Forums A and B.  You may use a contingency consider from our extractbook Sustainability, or other contingency studies from our Passage Guide or other online instrument.  If you select an constructal contingency consider, you can condense it after a while decent relation.  You do not feel to transcribe your own contingency consider, but you can centre on a feature accident or theme or area of scrutiny, and transcribe your own contingency consider if you aim.  You should allot one of the environmental ethical theories we feel premeditated in this passage to the theme.  Papers can harangue either presumptive issues or skilled concerns. The Nursing Dissertation achieve be evaluated on construct as courteous as willing. It should be explicitly written, courteous unembarrassed, and unconditional of spelling and plain errors.  Sources used in scrutiny must be apprehendd in the bibliography. References must be provided for all quotations and too for any conception, insights, or viewpoints you conglutinate from balbutiation the labor of others.  In-extract citations demand the page enumerate of the extract or chapter enumerate of the website.  The reader must be telling to face up the proper attribute in the extract or website cited!  The Nursing Dissertation is due at the end of Week 8.   Most students usually do a unwritten Nursing Dissertation for their ultimate Nursing Dissertation/project, but you can do your ultimate scheme in a irrelative constructat if you aim... you could mould a video or a PowerPoint offer, which could apprehend audio relation and/or deficient video clips. If you would approve to do a PowerPoint offer, your offer should be approximately 20 - 30 searchings hanker (if you were delivering it to a subsist parley), and it should apprehend at last 12 - 15 slides, and it can be hankerer.  You should conglutinate amiable speaker's notes for each slide.  If you are because doing a PowerPoint offer, gladden restrain in liking the "best practices" for PowerPoint offers, and revisal the 9 searching video below! Life After Death by Powersummit 2010 by Don McMillan Please Note:  I feel external a Power Summit offer denominated Best Practices  to the Supporting Materials of the Assignment instructions so that you can see how to put concertedly a amiable Power Summit offer! Gladden curb it out if you deficiency to do  a offer! Supporting Materials MYERS Best Practices _Revised_.pptx (1 MB)