PhD TIM-Signature Assignment PLUS PowerPoint-Pay Attention to TEXT in BOLD

   Part ONE-Signature Assignment: Synthesize Ideas to Improve Device Outcomes TIM-8601 V2: IT Device Management Build on your prior assignments in this class to beget a indistinct judgment of device government to command to veer and spareness time retaining contributive to device consummatement in the technology advice and reversal ground. Do not believe on copying prior full but centre on an integrated solution that uses momentous thinking and structure to consummate an overjudgment of the integral round. The full must believe on skilled sources centreed on learning. This attestation assignment should to-boot embrace the identification of one or two areas where one should infer exalt learning, regulative to improved outcomes. Embrace trivial details of the virtual learning system, mode, and the implications for usage. Support your brochure after a while at smallest fourteen (14) skilled instrument. In conjunction to these limited instrument, you can add other alienate skilled and description practitioner instrument, including older creed. Length: 10-12 pages, not including heading and allusion pages. Your brochure should inform diligent inferation of the ideas and concepts giveed in the round by providing new thoughts and insights of straightly to this subject-matter. Your solution should advert skilled agreement and prevalent APA standard Part TWO-PowerPoint- Give the Ideas on how to Improve Device Outcomes  TIM-8601 V2: IT Device Management Create a trivial exhibition that would assign you to give your full in the Attestation Assignment to a adjustment of an academic reception and magistrate government. Pay feature notice to description exhibition embodied convenient for the modified reception. Beget and embrace at smallest one mismisappropriate consideration or likeness after a while your full to prop your full. Note: You should not embrace elaborate narratives or “notes” for this PowerPoint polish. Mebelieve beget the slides that centre on alienate keywords, embrace all mismisappropriate citations, and arrange the allied allusions on a disconnected slide. Provide a heading slide, 8 to 10 full slides, and a allusion slide. Use 12-point fonts on the allusion slide. Use at smallest six unanalogous skilled instrument in your full. Your citations and allusions should relinquish after a while APA standards.