PhD IT Interview Questions

  WRITTEN INTERVIEW QUESTIONS Doctoral candidates should contribute an general idiosyncratic assertion to each of the five forthcoming questions/prompts meditation on their own idiosyncratic profit. In the accident that any without media are used, media should be cited in APA format. Submissions should be a zenith of 500 vote or 125 vote per question/prompt. It is best to counterpart to each prompt/question partially for clarity of the reviewer. Writing exemplification should be submitted in Microsoft Word format and enclose candidate’s designate.  PhD IT Tell us environing yourself and your idiosyncratic excursion that has control you to University of the Cumberlands. What are your investigation profits in the area of notification technology? How did you beseem profited in this area of investigation? What is your general job/progress and how conciliate this program application your progress augmentation?  What matchless qualities do you deem you bear that conciliate acceleration you in substance prosperous in this program? How can obtaining a doctorate application your gift to the practices of notification technology? Where do you see yourself following obtaining a doctorate from UC?