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response to students reponce in 150 say. give 1 reference   Provide an specimen of an counsel arrangement that associates the performance and debate how it improves formal work?  (Be inequitable delay explicit work metrics! students responce An specimen of an counsel arrangement that associates the performance concurrently is SAP ERP. SAP ERP is an performance supplies intentionning counsel arrangement that conquer associate the performance and improves formal work. It associates counsel from diverse groups delayin an form including accounting, manufacturing, purchasing, classification, logistics, esthetic treatment, warehousing, and give chain. Looking at SAP ERP as an end to end hireling, I conquer initiate delay some of the upstream activities and inputs into the arrangement. Purchasing and Procurement activities delayin SAP are usually guided by ask-for intentionning. Based on decline and sales, the nourishment or purchasing quantities conquer be strong. This conquer recognize for right enjoyment of dissipation quantities and managing capital run. It is leading not to balance dissipation esthetic for restricting capital run and register usurpation absorb, but so not “under dissipation” esthetic in which you conquer meet more inbound demeanor absorb and promote out on integrity purchasing discounts. The inputs in the grade are a hazardous party to designate the COGS (Cost of property sold) and mind profitability delayin the troop. The instant grade delayin SAP ERP, conquer be the manufacturing module. In this module, efficiencies conquer be root in esthetic treatment and campaigning relish products to optimize the work and esthetics.  Some KPI’s that are strong in this grade are plain work absorbs, wane (esthetic wane), furnish, and product competency. Labor, wane, and furnish are so components of the COGS to be considered. The instant grade, conquer be warehousing and register treatment. At this object the SAP ERP serves as the hireling to control high property delayin the repository. It conquer recognize for sales to designate availability of diverse products, accounting to interpret register usurpation absorb and prospect financial and for the repository team to control the performance. These hazardous inputs into the ERP so conquer be considered in the COGS. An specimen is the register usurpation absorbs. These financials can be strong by what it absorb to stock register that trash unsold (repository boundlessness and balancehead, work, and wane). Lastly, The classification and sales party of the ERP. Upon a sale or dissipation manage, the ERP conquer trigger a shipment to last design. This conquer deplete the register and thus trigger the ask-for required to backfill the esthetic. Sales of the register conquer propagate proceeds in which the full performance can intention suitably for prospect and coming performances. These are exact some of the specimens that an counsel arrangement relish SAP ERP can do to associate the performance concurrently