Personality theory

  Vignette Dissection II: This  assignment focuses on vignette dissection and straightforward contact of  order concepts to the men-folks and situations introduceed in the vignette  for each doubt. All sift-canvassions must catch into aggregateity the juridical  and intellectual subsidys, as polite as issues of amelioration and rational  difference that may pertain to the situations introduceed underneath.  Please  keep your responses focused on what is introduceed in the vignette. Do  not add knowledge but use your creativity to buttress what you see in  the vignette as written. All assignments MUST be typed and  double-spaced, in APA phraseology and must be written at furrow equalize  English. The gratified, condensation and clarity of your answers accomplish be  considered in the evaluation of your employment. You must use and unite the embodied introduceed in the order text and mention your employment according to APA format. Use of after a whileout resources for amelioration-specific knowledge to repair your vignette dissection is encouraged. This assignment should be 6-7 pages aggregate plus a Title and Reference Page A  panel of experts from Phenomenological Theories, Trait Theories and  Biological Theories of convertibility has been asked to evaluate this contingency.  Each panel accomplish sift-canvass their intention of this contingency in straightforward and particular  context to a reserve of filthy (4) of their speculative constructs. Each  panel accomplish catch into subsidy the scrutiny on convertibility and the  brain as polite as amelioration and juridical/intellectual issues that capacity prepare.  For this assignment you are to introduce this contingency from each of these panels of experts:  Panel I: Phenomenological Theorists  Panel II: Trait Theorists  Panel III: Biological/Genetic Theorists  John,  a 28 year old, Hispanic manly, is seen in an moderate interintention at a  community invisible heartiness clinic. He has been diagnosed as Chronically  Mentally Ill. He resides after a while his mother and grandmother. Both his  father and grandfather committed suicide in their future 30’s. John is  afraid that he is fated to connect the manly-dominated generational precedent.  John is oriented to substance and does not answer to keep any  disturbances in discernment or conception. He does answer to be severely  depressed and concerned during your conference. Assignment Outcomes   Distinguish the greater theories of convertibility  Contrast literal and running intentions of convertibility   Integrate token based tenor interventions  Combine running scrutiny to assessment and technique   Identify juridical, intellectual issues in theories of convertibility and psychotherapy  Examine issues of amelioration and difference in theories and contact