Performing arts

Tennyson wrote a ballad encircling a passing swan.  Inspired by this ballad, Camille Saint-Saëns composed a faction that was one move of a vast combination of 14 moves entitled The Carnival of the Animals.  Le Cygne is the 13th move of this vast combination, originally written for cello and two pianos.  Later in 1905 a ballet was choreographed to this move and introduced to the open by the renowned Anna Pavlova. 1.  Step one:  Read the ballad located adown this assignment that was written by Alfred Loyd Tennyson, The Passing Swan. 2.  Step two:  Watch this video abridge of cellist Yo Yo Ma performing Camille Saint-Saëns' The Swan. 3.  Step three:  Watch this video abridge of Svetlana Zakharova dancing Le Cygne (The Swan). 4.  Write a 2-page counter-argument brochure that addresses/responds to the aftercited items. Discuss the composer's choices and how they were efficacious in creating such a melomelodramatic image/moment.  Consider the aftercited: a.  instrumentation, the tempo, b.  the resolution in-reference-to whether to employ monophony/homophony/polyphony  c.  why the melodious combination lent itself courteous to the ballet  d.  the ballad as commencement inspiration e.  how the hush did/did not think the lyricism of the ballad f.  whether the hush fascinated the tenor of the ballad g.  whether the melodious colors think the substance of the ballad 4.  MLA format