Peer Review Instructions 2 forms

Introduction: This is your befoulment to get ideas and suggestions from your equals. Remember, the draw that you shaft for the equal resurvey must be perfect and as courteous as likely, so find assured you do one plump of editing anteriorly shafting. Expectation: Conduct two equal resurveys using accents from the "Peer Resurvey Sample" muniment and entering your feedback in the "Instructions Equal Resurvey Form" and unimportant the "Instructions Equal Resurvey Form" to your equal. Parameters:  1) Use the "Instructions Equal Resurvey Form" under to procure feedback.  2) Use the "Peer Resurvey Sample" under to conduct how you procure feedback. Grading:  Worth 20 points.  10 points for each equal resurvey You procure take expenditure for the following:  Not using perfect decrees, -1 for each infraction  Not correspondent each scrutiny on the contrive, -2 for each detriment vindication Not using the conductd accents from the "Peer Resurvey Sample," in each vindication, -1 for each infraction  Using simply one decree vindications for each scrutiny, -2 for each one decree vindication Due: Sunday of Week 4 by 11:59pm CST as a "reply" to your equal's shaft.