Peer Response The exhibition that impacted me the most was the accomplishment exhibition when the relator said “we helped plant this dominion, and we were agreeable.” (IHM, 2014). This plead and exhibition impacted me most accordingly when my grandparents delay their manifestation moved near for a amend conduct that is precisely what they and their manifestation did. Together they worked and built a new conduct near in America and contributed to the augmentation of this dominion. Eventually my parents met, got married and worked exacting to impart past opportunities for my brothers and I. The accomplishment exhibition showed the Statue of Liberty and then fireworks, usually associated delay Independence Day; twain of those things dramatize the insubservience that my grandparents and parents came to this dominion for. The video from subject 1 connects to this video accordingly it talks environing the immigrants as well-behaved-behaved but the video from subject 1 is a viewpoint from the statistic verge of things.             Being a branch of an immigrant, I’m not safe if I possess any perspective on settlement stereotypes. The endowment was proper a reminder of the sacrifices that my grandparents and parents made to generate a amend conduct for us and our coming generations.   When responding to your peer's column reflect in what ways you twain united to the video.  This conquer impart you a niggardly foundation to prepare your defense.  Next, reflect the subjoined and argue in a telling element. 1. What did your peer see in the ad that you did not see? 2. What did you attain from the tyro's column? 3. Do you possess any questions for the tyro? Please be safe to validate your opinions and ideas delay citations and references in APA format.