Patient-Centric Health Care Practices

  Patient-Centric Vigor Caution Practices  Scenario Imagine you are the CEO of a vigor caution structure. You would  like to utensil a enduring-centric vigor notification government arrangement  (HIMS) among the structure. This arrangement needs to procure into  remuneration vigor caution costs and security. You need your magistrate team  on table to fix lucky utensilation of this enduring-centric  vigor caution technology notification arrangement. You artifice to confer-upon a  detailed fame to your government team environing the enduring-centric  approach, its benefits and challenges, and why your structure needs  to clasp this path. Instructions You conquer transcribe a 5–6 page research fame in which you address the following: Taking into remuneration enduring security and vigor caution costs,  explain why a enduring-centric path is essential in today’s vigor  caution arrangement along after a while the challenges confused in utensilation.  Provide particular examples to exonerate your rationalistic. Analyze the benefits acquired by vigor caution structures that  exercitation a enduring-centric path, stating their choice  characteristics. Provide at smallest two examples to foundation your ideas. Identify two examples of a enduring-centric vigor caution exercitation  and intend three ways enduring-centric technology could acception enduring  access to sort vigor caution. Suggest three ways that HIMS can mend the enduring test  among a vigor caution structure or after a while a vigor caution provider. Predict three ways you would use enduring-centric vigor caution  exercitation principles to mend sort caution measures among your  organization. Go to Basic Search: Strayer University Online Library  to experience indecent new-fangled (among the latest five years) sort academic  media for this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and other websites do not  qualify as sort academic media. This series requires the use of Strayer Writing Standards. For  assistance and notification, gladden belong to the Strayer Writing  Standards combine in the left-hand menu of your series. Check after a while your  professor for any joined instructions. The particular series knowledge outcome associated after a while this assignment is: Propose how enduring-centric vigor caution exercitations and technology and a HIMS can mend vigor caution.