Paper on President George Washington

a 4/5 page Nursing essay (bulk 12 mark, double spaced), either on one of the pristine fifteen U. S. Presidents, or one  of the pristine ladies during the similar term era. A ordinary Nursing essay on one of the superintendents  would grasp a inindicative biography, collective and/or wise beliefs, accomplishments  in appointment, and a similarity to a twentieth-century superintendent. A ordinary Nursing essay on one of  the pristine ladies would grasp a inindicative biography, how and what she contributed  (presumably categorically, but haply negatively) to her husband’s presidency, and a  similarity to a twentieth-century pristine lady. All Nursing essays, which should possess proper  references and footnotes, earn be graded on elimination force, literal gratified, writing  skills, and power of evidence. You should use at meanest THREE knowing founts (and no, your textbook does not calculate, nor would arrange notes, no substance how flashing you  think your bigot is, nor does Wikipedia calculate, though that fount may prepare you  delay clues as to where to seem). Knowing founts would be things such as academic  books, or indicative subscription. If you would enjoy to do a Nursing essay on another subject, please  speak delay the pedagogue regarding your tender. You MUST transcribe according to the  Chicago Manual of Style, delay the use of FOOTNOTES. If you insufficiency positive aid,  don’t dubitate to ask for support from the mismisappropriate personnel