For this assignment, you succeed excellenteded a vulgar collecting disquisition (published past 2016) to reconsideration. You may excellenteded any collecting disquisition that is akin to Data Science or Big Data Analytics. I strongly applaud that you set-out your quest at Google Linguist ( Once you invade your quest order(s), excellenteded the "Since 2016" connect on the left. Feel unreserved to adopt ANY appropriate disquisition. (I would applaud that you excellenteded one that you can decipher and digest in a self-possessed quantity of duration. Don't excellenteded a 100 page disquisition!) For APA extract notice, I entertain found to be a grand contrivance.  Here is a imperfect catalogue of what I want: 1) Your reconsideration should be 1/2 to 1-1/2 pages, one spaced. (DO NOT surpass the page length! Really. I'm not kidding.) 2) Please upload a Microsoft Word muniment to surrender your reconsideration. 3) You should briefly digest the gratified of the stipulation or disquisition and expound how it relates to Data Science and/or Big Data Analytics. 4) IMPORTANT - Supply your own duty of the stipulation. (Did it bring-about feeling? Did you collect everything from it? Do you harmonize or disharmonize delay the gratified?)  5) Use the APA diction for the disquisition and any references. You MUST use APA in-text references AND supply a catalogue of any contrivances you used in the references catalogue at the end of your disquisition. (PLEASE do NOT overuse references. More than a stranger for such a imperfect disquisition is overkill.) NOTE: If you aren't commodious delay APA extracts, email me the extract you're planning to use BEFORE you surrender your disquisition. I'll entertain a appear at it and note.  And finally, plagiarism is BAD! I WILL be checking these disquisitions for plagiarism. Just bestow me your own employment.  By surrenderting this disquisition, you harmonize: (1) that you are surrenderting your disquisition to be used and stored as sunder of the SafeAssign™ services in agreement delay the Blackboard Privacy Policy; (2) that your organization may use your disquisition in agreement delay your organization's policies; and (3) that your use of SafeAssign succeed be delayout aid despite Blackboard Inc.