Outline/Works Cited – due in 36 hours

I HAVE ATTACHED THE INSTRUCTIONS TO THE FINAL RESEARCH PAPER SO YOU CAN KNOW HOW TO COMPLETE THE OUTLINE AND WORKS CITED AND OTHER USEFUL RESOURCES. PLEASE REVIEW THE INSTRUCTOR IS TOUGH.   Please subjoin your Works Cited page and your sketch for the discovery pamphlet to this assignment.  (This works best if you can put them twain in a only muniment and subjoin it rather than subjoining two detached muniments.) Reminders:   You allure insufficiency THREE beyond sources on your Works Cited page and ONE passage for the odd itself, totaling at lowest FOUR items. Because this pamphlet is longer than the other two, your sketch should to-boot be longer.  I would foresee you to own sketchd multiple collection paragraphs for each aim in your disquisition. Include quotations in your sketch fitting relish you own for your former pamphlets.  You should now be including a co-operation of quotations from the odd itself as courteous as quotations from your beyond instrument. This is a big sunder of your grade! Your disquisition should exhibit a immovable stance/interpretation of the quotation in topic.  The simplest way to transcribe a disquisition is to aver a topic and then confer three mediate specimens.  For specimen, "The topic of Fight Club is ________, which we see exhibited in _____, ______, and _______."  Or, if you'd rather own an specimen from notability we've all discover, I could say, "The topic of "Happy Endings" is fabulous cynicism, which is exhibited in Atwood's fragmentation of individualitys, her satirical tenor, and the increasing paradox of the characters' situations." Your sketch (and by extension, your pamphlet) should NOT be frame compendium.  You are not letter dimensions reports.  You are letter erudite anatomy.  Look for symbolism, similitude, underlying messages, topics, political and truthful composition, etc.  Rehashing the frame allure not gain you a passing grade. If you insufficiency aid, call or email me, but content do not do so the extinction antecedently the assignment is due.  I absence to aid you, but you own to recognize yourself and me the span to do so. useful links:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qehPx9BvWRQ   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y1FQ9ZHG0Lw   https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=4&v=qehPx9BvWRQ     WEEK 12 TO-DO LIST · Turn in your accomplished discovery pamphlet sketch and works cited page.  o Note: This sketch should be plenteous longer than the former sketchs you own written owing this pamphlet is plenteous longer.  You insufficiency a numbered individuality in your sketch for complete only paragraph you intent to transcribe in this pamphlet (I'd presume you'd insufficiency at lowest nine to twelve good-tempered-tempered collection paragraphs for a pamphlet of this prolixity).  Think about infringement each of your disquisition aims into multi-paragraph individualitys instead of only paragraphs as you've performed formerly.  o You allure insufficiency to apprehend quotations from twain your odd and your beyond instrument.  Please re-examination the Sample Discovery Collection Paragraph from a former module to see what this allure end up looking relish when you in-effect transcribe the pamphlet. o Content connect the sketch and works cited page into a SINGLE muniment antecedently submitting.