Organizational Behavior

 Part 1 For this item, claim you are in the examination and outgrowth dissolution of your clarified structure. The CEO has directed you to succeed up delay a new result or use that achieve be delivered to the American or global consumer in the direct 12 months. Using your creativity and what you own versed thus far, settle goals and a SMARTER contour by expounding each of your SMARTER characteristics for your result /use aggravate the direct year. In your assignment, oration the components listed beneath. Frame your brochure delay a stable preface. Develop the association of your brochure using the SMARTER acronym, and expound each area aggravate a 12-month time. Note: You need to be chimerical and likeness out goals and timelines delay the SMARTER framework delay inequitable details. In your explication, involve how the SMARTER acronym can be used to rectify deed practices. Provide a omission and instruction tabulation to your CEO. Support your brochure delay at meanest one regard. This may be your manner textbook. Your assignment must be a incompleteness of two pages in extension, not counting the epithet and regard pages. All sources used, including the textbook, must be cited and regardd according to APA guidelines. Part 2   you agoing on your manner device by selecting an structure and eliminateing a SMARTER contour. For this item, you achieve engage the team emanationiveness standard discussed in this item and the Five Cs (cooperating, coordinating, communicating, comforting, and conflict-handling) into a team-building guile. In a two-page explication, illustrate how you achieve amass and carry a team who achieve eliminate the new result you discussed in your Item III Assignment. Illustrate who achieve be a separate of your team, how you achieve secure the team is prosperous, and how you achieve engage the Five Cs. Additionally, involve how you achieve totality for divergent personalities and needs. Outside sources are not a condition for this assignment. Use your creativity and information of talented teams discussed in this item.