Option #2: Operational, Tactical, and Strategic Dashboards

Option #2: Operational, Tactical, and Strategic Dashboards  Dashboards tend multifarious aims one of which is to delayhold and declare performance. Explain the opposed aim of each of the three forms of performance dashboards: operational, tactical, and strategic. Explain the differences in stipulations of the users, drift, notice, quantity of updates and the marrow for each. Include an stance of a dashboard as an postscript to your disquisition and embrace which form it is. (Remember that appendices are following the allusions page in APA format.) Paper Requirements: Be stable to rightly constitute your agreement and embrace an precursory stipulation, headings / subheadings for the collectiveness of your performance, argument recommendations, and a misentry. Format your complete disquisition in accordance delay the CSU-Global Guide to Agreement and APA (Links to an superficial place.). Your disquisition should be at smallest five pages. The page estimate does not embrace the required heading page and allusion page, nor does the page estimate embrace any subject pages, should you use them, such as appendices.