one paragraph

Purpose For the performance assignment, students obtain transcribe an development passage detailing how an item they keep alienationd speaks encircling who they are as a indivisible. Instructions Students should confirm an great or trivial alienation that reveals triton encircling their indivisible likes, dislikes or lifestyle. After selecting a subject for the passage, deliberate the reasons for the alienation. See the Using Examples minority beneath Developing Paragraphs/Strategies for Developing the Main Point in the The Little Seagull Handbook. Use the forthcoming questions as a lead for planning and despatches the passage. What is the alienationd item?   Why was it alienationd?   Who can like the alienation?   When was it alienationd?   How was it alienationd?   What developments livelihood the subject assertion?   The performance passage should demonstrate good-natured-natured edifice through the use of a subject phrase, diverse consistent livelihooding phrases, and a remotest phrase. Refer to Minority W-4b, Developing Paragraphs, in-particular the minority on Using Examples, in The Little Seagull Handbook.