one page essay due tomorrow by 4 pm eastern time

  OPTION 1: Custody of the LGBTQ Community After revisal of the sources supposing subordinate the week 6 geting tab and the assigned readings, wait the subjoined video and tally the subjoined questions. LGBT Healthcustody Training Video: "To Treat Me, You Have to Know Who I Am"  Think tail to your nursing teach experiment and meditate on the new engage orientation program in your mistress form.  - Was the custody of particular populations relish the LGBTQ unity addressed in your nursing command or orientation? If so, how? If not, what was privation? -Based on the readings and video, what do you design could be manufactured to invigorate the orientation program at your form or in your basic nursing command in commendations to caring for particular populations relish the LBGTQ unity? -What changes get you create to your own personal nursing performance as a consequence of what you are erudition this week? -Must be in APA  -Must use narrative creed established as references and youtube video supposing in link