Assess the opportunity subject examine from Chapter 6: "Amazon is Hiring...Big  Time!” In a three- to five-page article (not including the address and  references pages), compose a recruiting and staffing policy for Amazon,  and fine one comcompose from the fond register to transcribe a recruiting and  staffing project; investigate how multifarious of these compositions Amazon needs to  fill. You must fine from the forthcoming full-time compositions: Warehouse  Supervisor, Delivery Representative, and Customer Service Manager.) Your article must embody the forthcoming: Write an entrance including the fineed composition, a preview of your article, and a brief subject proposition. Discuss the lawful view, including particular lawful investigateations that the sodality should be assured of. Create a recruiting project for the comcompose fineed that embodys the forthcoming:   Explain what recruiting is and why it is dignified. Explain the instruments that procure be utilized to discover candidates for  filling the fineed composition, and say why each instrument was fineed. Create a fineion project for the comcompose that embodys the forthcoming:   Explain what staffing is and why it is dignified. State what assessments procure be used and why. Discuss the types of meetinging techniques that procure be used and why. List five job-specific meeting questions for the comcompose candidates. Write a misentry condition that reaffirms your subject proposition.  Your article must be formatted according to APA style