observation paper

You procure be abandoned one written study intelligence balance crop during infancy, sliphood, and lad, value 150 points.  For the intelligence, you are required to use the Lifespan Crop notes from Canvas and no other spring.  I procure to-boot stipulate extra notes to aid in answerableness your Nursing essay.  You are required to remark infancy, slip, and girlish concepts in everyday spirit.  You must find/remark ins of 7 divergent concepts as your study.  The 7 concepts are of your cherished, yet any concepts that aren’t undisputed.  In the Nursing essay, you must set-forth the age-appropriate concepts for infancy, sliphood, and lad that you remarkd, including a denomination of what you remarkd, servilely stating the concept, and stating the definition/denomination of the concept from the notes.  The in, what you remarkd, must epeculiarity and pertain to the concept.  If the question is not in that age collection during the study, you are not undisputed to use that concept after a while that in.  You are not undisputed to afford an in/study of someone retroactively, aim it must be the question’s floating age, not something they did when they were younger or in a divergent age collection.  You must recite where each study was obtained and afford the age, or abut age, sex, or gender, for the questions.  You are undisputed to do your studys in multiple locations and after a while multiple questions.  You are undisputed toremark all age collections or one age collection. The Nursing essay must be 2-3 pages in diffusiveness of citation, typed, double-spaced, 11- or 12-point font, after a while 1-inch margins, using the concepts as subtopics (headings) for each condition.  You to-boot insufficiency a epithet page after a while your spectry, bound, and systematize day and opportunity.  You won’t insufficiency a folder, but you must staple your Nursing essay.  Because you are using the notes from systematize, you are not required to create citations after a whilein the Nursing essay. The trice for the Nursing essay procure be congenial as follows:  epithet page (5 pts); reform format (10 pts); peculiarity, including expression and punctuation (30 pts); servile impression of concepts (105 pts).