Observation Paper

   Community Attention Nursing essay Instructions You allure capture an free sever in a association outreach distillation of your choosing; this allure strengthen you to link delay the needs of the association (e.g., exertion at a security, a bivouac, a diversion hardihood, tutoring younger result, etc.). This can be purely intentional, or it can be an distillation cognate immediately to your possession. Typically, the attention allure last between 2–4 hours. However, the attention may capture longer, and plenty attention must be done in manage to thorough all aspects of this assignment. Upon drift of your attention, you allure transcribe a 3-page Nursing essay explaining the test and what was conversant from the test. Using the counsel environing sociology gained from the conduct, you allure rejoinder the forthcoming 4 questions in point (Note: these questions must be your subheadings when writing the Nursing essay): 1. What was observed during the test? 2. How did the test interest you? 3. What are the needs of the population that you interacted delay for this assignment? 4. How can you aid constitute a contrariety delay this enjoin? The high scheme must apprehend 3 unmeasured pages of resigned as courteous as a protect page in running APA format. The Nursing essay must be written in primeval idiosyncratic.  Refer to the grading rubric for unfair grading criteria. This assignment allure be submitted through SafeAssign in manage to cohibit for plagiarism and the power of exertion. Word enumerate is to be exalted on this assignment.