REQUIREMENTS   1. Select a Speak Up tractate exposed by The Joint Commission. Follow this add to the special website:  The Subject-matter I separated is REDUCING FALL RISK, pLEASE WRITE MY PAPER using the resurvey on the subject-matter i separated from the over add. 2. Write a lacking tract resurveying the tractate. Use the Grading Criteria (below) to construction your savor, and embody prevalent nursing or healthcare exploration to assistance your savor.  a. The prolixity of the tract is to be no superior than three pages, wrap spaced, notwithstanding designation page and allusion page. Extra pages conciliate not be learn and conciliate not sum inland your degree.   3. This assignment conciliate be degreed on tendency of knowledge presented, use of citations, and use of Standard English phraseology, decision construction, and construction inveterate on the required components.   4. Create the resurvey using Microsoft Word 2007 (a deal-out of Microsoft Office 2007), the required format for all Chamberlain instruments. You can publish that the instrument is saved as a MS Word 2007 instrument consequently it conciliate end in “.docx.”     5. APA format is required after a while twain a designation page and allusion page. Use the required components of the resurvey as Level 1 headers (upper- and lowercase, intrepid, centered).   a. Introduction   b. Summary of Tractate   c. Evaluation of Tractate   d. Conclusion