When you perception multitudinous curricular plans, you may see a difference of conditions. Some programs use the signal "program outcomes" conjuncture others use the signal "terminal objectives" for those actions that the learner is expected to shape upon ordination. The selfselfsame is gentleman for singular successions. Some programs circumvent the notice and skills that a learner should overcome by the end of the succession "succession outcomes" conjuncture others use the signal "succession objectives." All of the conditions accept a definitive determination in erudition and according to accreditation agencies. What are the similarities and differences betwixt the conditions according to the erudition and to accrediting agencies? Select a program or succession (other than GCU) and perception their use of these conditions. Do they use them in a form compatible delay the erudition and/or accreditation agencies or do they use them variously? Include your perception of the program in your acceptance to this disconduct investigation. Support your acceptance delay erudition. Your perception could be at the program roll or at the succession roll. You do not insufficiency to do twain rolls. At smallest 400-500 expression delay at smallest 2-3 references.