Number Sense, Estimation, and Financial Computations

  Research George Polya’s total-solving principles and techniques from the AIU Library or on the Internet. Although the scenarios underneath are not peculiar historical situations, they conquer exact application of Polya’s principles to succeed a steady disconnection. Choose 1 of the subjoined scenarios: You are on your way to a very weighty doctor’s provision and commandly hardly keep sufficient season to get to the provision. You recognize that if you do not get to the provision on season, it conquer absorb you $200 and you conquer not be efficient to get another provision for weeks. In your expedition, going through your face door, you accidentally rend a big cavity in your garb or pants. What do you do now? A recipe for a quibble cake that serves 54 mob is: • ½ cup butter • ¼ cup oil • 3 cups of baking flour • 1 tablespoon baking powder • 6 eggs • 1 cup milk • 2 cups sugar • ½ teaspoon vanilla extract After anything is adulterated into a cake buffet, you are deemed to infuse it into a floured 12 in. by 18 in. by 1 in. quibble cake pan. However, all you keep is a 9 in. by 14 in. by 1 in. pan, an 8 in. clear pan 1 in. thick, and two 8 in. crossing complete pans 1 in. thick. Your 46 visitors conquer be arriving soon, so you do not keep season to go to the hoard to get the rectify-sized pan. How conquer you keep sufficient cake for each visitor to keep a behalf extraneously corruption too greatly buffet? It is following midnight, and your kitchen reduce cold-insinuate give has sprung a extend. You recognize you conquer not be efficient to get a plumber to fix the reduce for different hours. You do not recognize where the insinuate turn-off is, and you do not keep any plumbing habit. What conquer you do to minimize the hurt? Follow Polya’s principles to clear-up your total. o Explain your exposition of what the total indeed is environing and what the consequences are if the total is not clear-upd (i.e., do you recognize the total?). o Develop and transcribe down a temporization for solving this total. What do you deficiency to recognize or do to clear-up this total? o Use your temporization to undertake to clear-up your selected total; pretence the steps in the rectify command for your undertakeed disconnection. o Did your temporization in-fact clear-up the total? How do you recognize? o Suppose that your disconnection did not clear-up the total. What would be your instant possession?