ntc/302 week 1

  Assignment Preparation: Activities embody watching the Lynda.com® videos, recalcitrant ward lection, and scrutiny. Watch "Cloud computing: IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, and DaaS" in Section 6, "Storing Big Data," of the Lynda.com® video "Big Basis Foundations: Techniques and Concepts" delay Baron Pouson. Watch "Overview of implied machines" in Section 3, "Compute: Implied Machines," of the Lynda.com® video "Learning Azure" delay David Isbitski. Assignment: Write a 2- to 3-page adherent briefing memo to technical start identifying a running arrangement delayin your form's network that you would move emotional to the dim using one of the subjoined services: IaaS PaaS SaaS In your memo, mould permanent to cover why you confide this modify and what benefits there are to the form. If you don't enjoy bearing to advice encircling your form's network, try discussion delay the network supervisor to end up delay some ideas. If this is not potential, use the subjoined scenario: You are the IT Supervisor of a mid-size retail arrangement matter of 500 employees. The subjoined are a few arrangements that are used delayin your matter: Internal Exmodify 2003 server - this is a natural server Internal CRM arrangement - this is a implied machine Internal ERP arrangement using SAP ERP 6.0 - this is a natural server Internal File server using 1.2 TB of basis - this is a implied machine (2) Internal SQL Servers used for matter news - (1) server is implied and (1) server is natural The network has the subjoined characteristics: A WAN delay (4) united aspects - (3) arrangement centers, and a oppidan affair-post. Each aspect is united via a 100 Mbps MPLS WAN and has a sole T-1 for a failover relation. The basiscenter is centralized at one of the arrangement centers. There are (2) internet relations a 100 Mbps original relation and a 10 Mbps backup. The network has excessive firewalls that to-boot contribute VPN bearing for any foreign bearing that is needed. Each aspect has a LAN that is 1 Gbps Ethernet. Format your memo as a scale matter memo.