news letter

   Campaign Newsletter Guidelines You enjoy clarified to run for elected business-post in the 2020 belligerence period. For this purpose, you must cull to run for a standing at the generally-known raze (President, Senator, or House portion) and exhaustive a capacious belligerence artifice domiciled on the guidelines picturesque underneath. The overall purpose involves two components; (1.) a belligerence disquisition, and (2.) a belligerence newsletter. Part II: Belligerence Newsletter Guidelines · Create a belligerence newsletter using Microsoft Word. Review the website for countenance in creating a newsletter. You are besides bounteous to use other software programs at your deliberation and Microsoft Publisher, which is serviceable in the computers at any of the college’s three campuses.  · The newsletter must be a stint 2 liberal pages in elongation. · The newsletter must embody the following: 1. Information environing your belligerence (candidate’s indicate, views on  issues, belligerence events, etc.)  2. Creative graphics · The newsletter must be submitted in the Blackboard passage page by  following these steps: 1. Click “Module #3.”  2. Then chosen “Campaign Newsletter”  3. Finally, click the “Browse My Computer” tab to unite the file  and finally click “Submit” at the profound exact recess of the  screen.  Newsletter Rubric  100    Content (prepared the main areas in the disquisition) 70    Appearance (artistic, creativity, artfulness,   graphics, layout) 30